Visiting Twala

Visiting Twala


In the beautiful gardens overlooking the water, rescued young animals such as duiker, serval cats, monkeys and tortoises live happily with domestic cats and dogs. Their interactions around the picnic areas make for an entertaining and delightful visit. Visitors are self catering and can choose from a number of picturesque spots available for picnicking.

Numbers of visitors are limited in order to ensure that the rescued animals are not stressed,  and a knowledgeable guide will accompany you on a tour of the sanctuary and orphanage, telling you the stories of the animals.

Tea is served before visitors are taken to watch the lions and other predators being fed.

The lions live in spacious habitats and there is a strict policy of no handling of the lions.

There is no lion breeding at Twala – the lions will spend their lives at Twala as they are not able to be released into the wild,  and every effort is made to give them the very best quality of life possible.