Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

At the Twala Trust we have an abundance of people that tirelessly help with fundraising and donating supplies and equipment, below are just some of the generous people and organizations that have kindly helped Twala.

Intrepid Foods

Who Donated a years worth milk to Twala Trust.

The Pony Club of Zimababwe

The Pony Club of Zimababwe help Twala with fundraising throughout the year.

Health Ease

Helps Twala with a supply of syringes, Fruit and Veg for a constant supply of food for our herbivores.

Tree of Life

Who help Twala in many ways and are very helpful.

Fence Africa

Our efficient and generous fencing suppliers.

Lonzim Metals and Belts ‘n Hoses

Who have been such long – standing supporter.

The Cheeseman

Sponsors of the yoghurt we use for our monkeys and bushbabies.


Feeding all our predators and supporting our free clinic.

The Cartwright family

Who have made it possible to give all the special rural dogs who visit our clinic a proper collar and lead (no more wire or chains round their necks!).

The Beckley Family

Sponsors of Layla the duike.

Lorraine Thomas and Mike Wedlock

The people behind Harriet the serval ‘s happy life.

Conan Stockill, Ann Hein, bird expert Les de Beer

Who saves so many wild birds including the magnificent gymnogene presently at Twala.

The Twenty Four Hour Vet Surgery

Who keep our animals healthy, and treat an ever – increasing number of rural dogs from low income households at no charge.

Dr Godfrey Chifaka and Dr Hastings Sadziwa

Who are an integral part of our vet team.

Kaye Nicholson

Whose kindness and generosity is evident everywhere at Twala – from the new lion and bird habitats to the beautiful gardens she has created in memory of beloved animals who have shared our lives at Twala.